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Maria Sharapova - Wimbledon Women's Singles Champion 2004

Maria Sharapova - Her tennis schedule was as follows:

Maria Sharapova July 19th 2004: Los Angeles
Maria Sharapova July 26th 2004:
San Diego
Maria Sharapova August 23rd 2004:
New Haven
Maria Sharapova August 30th 2004:
US Open
Maria Sharapova September 20th 2004:
Maria Sharapova October 4th 2004:

Maria Sharapova's
Tournament History:

Maria Sharapova
Jul 2004
Singles Winner
Wimbledon England

Maria Sharapova
Jul 2004
Singles Winner
Birmingham England

Maria Sharapova
May 2003
Singles Winner
Cloister Cup

Maria Sharapova
Nov 2002
Singles Finalist
Pittsburgh PA USA

Maria Sharapova
Oct 2002
Singles Finalist
Frisco Texas USA

Maria Sharapova
Sep 2002
Singles Winner
Peachtree City

Maria Sharapova
Aug 2002
Singles Winner
Vancouver Canada

Maria Sharapova
Apr 2002
Singles Winner
Gunma Japan

Maria Sharapova
Jul 2002
Singles Finalist
Wimbledon England

Maria Sharapova
Jun 2002
Singles Finalist
LTA Roehampton
Great Britain

Maria Sharapova
Jun 2002
Singles Rd of 16
French Open
ITF Grade A

Maria Sharapova
Apr 2002
Singles Finalist
Japan Open

Maria Sharapova
Mar 2002
Singles Winner
Target Cup
Nasdaq-100 Open
Key Biscayne

Maria Sharapova
Jan 2002
Singles Finalist
Australian Open

Maria Sharapova
Jan 2002
Singles Finalist
Australian Hardcourts

Maria Sharapova
Dec 2001
Singles Rd of 16
Orange Bowl

Maria Sharapova
Nov 2001
Singles Winner
Chanda Rubin American
ITF Circuit
South Carolina

Maria Sharapova
Oct 2001
Singles Winner
Chanda Rubin

Maria Sharapova
Sep 2001
Singles Semifinalist
Kentucky International

Maria Sharapova
Aug 2001
Singles Winner
Czech Republic

Maria Sharapova
Jul 2001
Singles Winner
Ex Pilsen

Maria Sharapova
Dec 2000
G16 Singles
Rd of 16
Orange Bowl

Maria Sharapova
Nov 2000
G16 Singles Winner
Eddie Herr

Maria Sharapova
Oct 2000
Singles Winner
Angela Maria Lopera

Maria Sharapova
Nov 1999
G14 Singles Qtrfinalist
Eddie Herr

Maria Sharapova - Wimbledon Tennis Champion 2004

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Maria Sharapova's tournaments for 2005 were are as follows: Rome 9th May 2005, Roland Garos May 23rd.2005,Wimbledon June 20th.2005, San Diego 1st.August 2005, Los Angeles August 8th.2005, Toronto August 15th.2005, US Open 29th.August 2005.

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