Maria Sharapova - Wimbledon Tennis Champion 2004

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Maria Sharapova's upcoming tournaments are as follows: Rome 9th May 2005, Roland Garos May 23rd.2005,Wimbledon June 20th.2005, San Diego 1st.August 2005, Los Angeles August 8th.2005, Toronto August 15th.2005, US Open 29th.August 2005.

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HOUSTON - We all know the obsession. Whether you're into men or women, one glimpse of an athletic body performing feats not thought feasible by mortals, makes you wonder more about the person.
It's the reason paparazzi exist and gossip magazines thrive.
Storm star Lauren Jackson, after being asked in 2000 and again in 2002, finally agreed to bare all for an artistic Australian photo magazine called Black + White. Jackson appears on the cover, with the title "The Athens Dream," in tribute to the upcoming Athens 2004 Olympic Games in Greece. Wisps of Jackson's bleached-blond hair dangle over her breasts. Inside the magazine, Jackson, 23, reveals everything.
The issue, which will be available at Seattle area bookstores Tuesday, is the third photo essay edition of Australian Olympic hopefuls. It features 35 athletes, including dripping-wet swimmer Michael Klim.
To Australians, it's like being asked to light the Olympic flame.
In America, Jackson runs the risk of being criticized.
"Do you really think it's that big a deal?" she pondered when asked about the nude pics after practice yesterday. "She looks sensational," fellow teammate Tully Bevilaqua said. "The human body is nothing to be ashamed of."
Jackson doesn't have anything to be ashamed of on the court, either.
If all the players in the WNBA sizzled the way Seattle Storm center Lauren Jackson does in her recent magazine spread, more men would flock to women's hoops games.
At least this sports writer suddenly has Olympic fever after Jackson posed nude for the Aussie art magazine Black + White with fellow Australian athletes in an Athens 2004 preview.
"I feel really comfortable with my body and shape I'm in, and I know I'm not going to be like this forever," Jackson said. "I was really nervous at first, but it was conquering one of my fears. I felt very much empowered at the end."
Now that most of us know who Jackson is, maybe people will start to notice that the reigning WNBA MVP is heating up the court along with the magazine pages.

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